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Love of Life Farm has been founded on the need to rediscover a healthy way of life. Witnessing the destructive effects of modern-day industrial culture on human and ecological health, we feel that the need for change has become apparent. We are making turmeric available to others so that they can start healing damage that has been done to their bodies--which we believe to be the result of processed food diets and the general toxicity that accompanies a modern lifestyle.


We are an ethically-driven company and work from the basis that humanity is connected to all life, and so we must care for all other living things in order to thrive. We are here to do our part in the remediation of the biosphere, and to help bring our world back to clean food, air, water, and soil. Nurturing life is what we love, and we hope to be able to make a living doing it. By supporting us, you are helping us to realize the goals and values that inspire this farm.


Sharing with others is our greatest joy. Let us share our love of life with you!


Improve human health

  • Turmeric is an amazing natural medicine, and we are intent on supplying a mainstream demand.

  • We are educating people on how to use turmeric and teaching them how it can vastly improve their health.

  • Turmeric not only treats immediate symptoms, but also functions as a long-term preventative natural medicine.


Protect our environment

  • We will only ever use %100 biodegradable packaging.

  • We are choosing practices, materials, and tools that are ecologically benign.

  • We are refining our processes and infrastructure to be as efficient as possible.


Steward the land

  • As an organic no-till farm, we are working to build and improve local soil. Our vocation is to help life thrive.

  • We plan to implement bioremediation into our agricultural model to begin removing toxins from the soil.

  • We are planting our turmeric among a biodiverse food forest to promote ecosystem resilience.

  • Our polyculture farm serves as a sensible, sustainable, and modern agricultural model.


Practice sustainability

  • We grow our own food, helping and teaching others to do the same.

  • We aim to produce more food than we need so that we can share the abundance with our neighbors.

  • We support local businesses and individuals who are aligned with our goals and philosophy.

  • We offer advice and start-up help to anyone interested in sustainable agriculture.


Build natural capital

  • We want to help create food security by sponsoring subsidiaries who will adhere to our agricultural model.

  • We are promoting the widespread creation of passive food forests and sources of natural medicines.

  • Our food forests incorporate habitat and forage plants for indigenous species.


 Hawi Town

Big Island, Hawai'i 



All week, 9AM - 5PM 


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